Hurt Vol. 1


Hurt simply means: cause mental pain or distress to a person or their feelings. Verb (action word)

Ask yourself this question: “What do/did I gain from hurting others??” Some may say A lot and others may say Nothing.. Furthermore, hurting someone takes a lot of time and energy. It’s no need to Hurt others just because they’ve hurt you… What are you gaining from the hurt you’ve just NOW caused???? Nothing at all!!! You’ll possibly will be hurt again, after you’ve tried to hurt the next person. (Think about what I just said) We are all human and GOD knows that, he wants us to come to him to fix us and humble us.

One key point is to remember; Just because they’ve hurt you, don’t stop loving them! Love them from afar, and keep praying for them. This part may or may not be easy for some, forgive and move on. #trial and error #repentance #not perfect #makes mistakes


Hurt is ONLY temporary! This world (people) have shown us so much hurt.. Whether it be by words, killings one another, death of loved ones, or even relationships ending.. Being hurt sucks and it sucks bad! Not one of the greatest feelings in the world, but once you overcome it, it’s the BEST feeling in the world. (#now you’re thinking:idea:)


This quote says a lot… I chose this quote because you will be hurt many times in your life. (I can vouch for that myself) But, if you keep allowing the hurt to define who you are…then your simple stuck! When I say stuck I mean, you will continue to allow people to hurt you time and time again. (Still saying oh but they hurt me) My saying is: “Okay they’ve hurt you NOW, what are YOU going to do to fix it??” You have to control you… Don’t get comfortable with hurt in your life, it shouldn’t be there forever!!! Learn and understand how to move on from hurt and get better at not allowing people to make the same mistake to you time and time again. Learning how to pick up the pieces to rebuild your strength and walk on.. oh but you gotta do it with a smile! 😄:)😆

Don’t allow these things to make you bitter, allow them to make you better!! Bitter people ONLY try to get back at the next person for doing what they did to them. You can’t live your life based on how others treated you, nor is it healthy for you to do so.

Hurt, is caused by people NOT knowing how to love you, nor how to respect you or your feelings.


When people are mad, they will say certain things to you (they may or may not mean it) but… YOU can’t EVER take them back once you’ve said it! Words HURT the most than any other feeling in the world. Go ahead and cry it out, it’s okay! 😭😭 (I’m a crybaby too) #makes it all better to me

GOD says “Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY cometh in the morning” Psalms 30:5 You don’t have to know how he will heal your hurt, you just have to trust and believe that he will do it. #Come on somebody! God is a healer, Amen?!


Remember, Hurt is only for a season! It won’t last always, but in order to be okay you have to remember what you learned from the hurt.. Don’t stop there, pick up the pieces; life will be more meaningful once the hurt has passed!

    “TRUST GOD” to heal you and let it go!

Love ya’ll today and forever!

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

4 thoughts on “Hurt Vol. 1

    1. Very good! That’s one of the hardest parts is allowing GOD to fix it. I too am working on this step, but I keep wanting to put SELF in it, and not ALLOW GOD to do it. #struggle #work in progress


  1. One of the most difficult things to do is not lash out at someone that has hurt you. Praying for them and moving on is the right thing to do just not the easiest

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