Hello Sparkling BW-TEE’S!!!

Sing this to yourself.. “This Joy that I have, the world didn’t give it to me.. Oh,This Joy that I have the world didn’t give it to me.. Ooohhh, This JOY that I have the world didn’t give and the world can’t take it away!” Let me tell you… Do not ALLOW, any one or nothing to steal your JOY!!!

When you have Joy in your life, you will be happen no matter what the devil try to throw at you. He will try too, especially when you living for Christ.

Wear it as it if an article of clothing! It’s something you should NEVER take off… I know things will happen to make you feel a certain way (emotions), but if you proclaim JOY no matter what, it will turn the situation around instantly.


(Nehemiah 8:10 says) “The JOY of the Lord is my strength.” You have to know and believe that this is where your Joy comes from. No and I repeat NO worldly thing (clothes, cars, man, children, or even money) can keep you happy! Once the clothes get to small, the car gets into a accident and need work, the man is gone, the children are gone on with their lives, and the money is gone you will have NOTHING! But, these are things that will or can be replaced.. And these things MOST certainly WON’T bring you the everlasting JOY that you think. #Materialistic things will fade

GOD doesn’t change because of your sin… People have X’ED you out because of it… BUT GOD!!! He still LOVES OVES you no matter what. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Now, that should give you ultimate down on the inside JOY!


You have to make up in your mind that Today is the day you will release the past, the hurt, and the fears that kept you bond.. and move forward with your Joy.

The devil comes to steal your Joy, no matter what tactics he tries… stand in your faith and know GOD has not given you the spirit of fear, but of peace, love and JOY!

REFLECTION: As I started a new job.. everything is going fine and I like the job!!! Well, one day I was on my way to work and my tire got flat while driving to work. So I call roadside assistance, and they say well we will be there in an hour or so, mind you I have to be at work at 8 am. Frustrated to the MAX!!!!! I started to cry and like Lord why, how, when, and where… I sit and I call a friend of mines and she said..Friend don’t let the devil get in your mind and steal your Joy, you will have e peace and favor on the job. She said cover yourself in prayer… and once the phone call needed I began to cover myself and stand in my faith… it’s not knowing what or where, but it’s k owing that GOD will work everything out according to your faith. I’m still standing in my faith and believing that my JOY is renewed no matter what the devil tries to do!!! I will walk in JOY everyday, because it could be worse!!!



It’s ALWAYS good to have friends that will uplift you in a time of need, that will speak life and cover you in prayer as well. Thank you Jesus for a renewed mind and spirit! Joy unspeakable JOY this day forward!!!!

Love ya’ll 💕💕

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