Losing Yourself To Others…

  • How did I lose myself to others?
  • How do I regain myself?
  • What does this mean for my life?
  • How do I become comfortable with myself again? 
  • How will I protect myself and not allowing this happening again? 
  • Will I ever know who I really am?

How will YOU answer these questions??

The Bible says in Song of Solomon 4:7: “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” God called you beautiful, he said he loved you.. what more do you need? A human can’t out love the love that GOD has for you. 

Matthew 7:6 says: “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.”

  •  In other words (my view)..don’t allow people to treat you like your no good, like you don’t deserve their love, and definitely like you don’t deserve the truth or the real them. Once their done using you, mistreating you and hurting you…They will just throw you away and move on to the next person and do the same thing! You are MORE than what people say about you, do to you and treat you like. Don’t give people that power over you, ANYMORE!!

When you get involved with certain things and/or people, they have away of becoming cumbersome in your life at times. You never go into a relationship and think things will turn out bad.. your intention is to make it last forever, the Good that is! Being around those types of people, you began to pick up on their Traits, Attitude and Behaviors; and not even realize that you’ve taken it on. Slowly, you’re being transformed to act like, think like and behavior like them. Now, you have lost yourself completely.What about you, though? What did you use to do before you met this person?? Oh, yeah… Think, Act and Behave on your own. . Now, it’s time to get back to you!

You must say “I am Stronger, than I’ve ever been before! Those HATEFUL words that people throw at you… I’m here to tell you “YOU ARE NOT ANY OF THOSE WORDS!” People who typically uses those words are people who are hurt themselves. Hurt people hurt people! You can only change you, just pray for those who talk about you. They will Thank you later. (God will deal with them)😉

Finding yourself again… You have to remove ALL the layers that are on you. The layers are the things that’s holding you down, and NOT allowing you to be the real you. It’s not about what you did, but now MORE about what can I do to recover and grow into me again.  Stop allowing those things to control you and make you more of someone else. You have a mind of your own…use it! Stop thinking that you need this person or the negative people that are associated with them in order to feel accepted…because you don’t! You can think on your own, make decisions on your own, be you on your own. See the pattern.. It ONLY takes YOU! Start by doing things that YOU like to do, start watching things that YOU like to watch, and start hanging around YOUR positive friends; because you’ll need them. Start with these baby steps, and eventually you will move on to bigger and better things for your life. Although, you can’t move on to something else by holding on to the… PAST! Let me say this again… holding on to the PAST will not move you to the future YOU. Let go and let GOD!

Learning who YOU are, leads to WHO’S you are!

Baby, you’re a child of the King!! Let me say that again… YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD, and that’s ALL you need to know. He is the only one who knows and has all things in his hand for you! Girl, stop worrying and get yourself together, you’ll be fine! I mean it!!

 Y-You are MORE than Enough!

 O Out LOVE yourself (love on you until you can’t love yourself anymore) Impossible Right? WRONG!!!

 U-Understand who and who’s you are

Pick up the pieces of your life… And LIVE each day as a NEW day! You were created to succeed and not to fail. You’re created to be you, and not what others think you should be! God says in Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”  See GOD brought you to this situation and he is now bringing you out of this situation for a reason, he knew you could do GREAT things. No longer being bond by someone’s opinions and thoughts of you.

Love on yourself, so that the next person that comes in your life with this junk again, you can say “No Thank you, I see you don’t benefit me at all in my life and I will do just fine without you.” No need to explain why, you a RESCUED and no need of going back. Trust me, you will understand later and thank GOD for saving you. Now, You were created for a purpose..Go ahead Shine on, Sparkle on and definitely pick up your CROWN and Live on! You can do it! 


Love ya’ll,

Mrs. Bw-Tee 💕💕

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