Good Day Sparkling Bw-TEE’S! I pray all is well with you…

What does Change mean to you? What did Change do for you? Are you Changing your life around for the better? Can you answer these honestly? There is ALWAYS a chance to change in life. Start small and become greater! It will not happen overnight, but it will happen… just takes time and patience.

Definition of Change: To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform

Sometimes change is good, sometimes change is not…If you prepare yourself (cover yourself with prayer) change will get better! You can’t think that doing the same thing is best for you, because you soon will realize that you’re getting the same results you’re trying to get rid of. This world is FULL of opportunity, and with your changed mindset you can soar higher. God, can take you places that no man things your qualifed for… Don’t worry about what they things or say, just know he can take you to greater places! Why do I say the mind of GOD, you ask?? Well, GOD already knows what he wants you to do, what he has in store for you, and what he does not want you to do… GOD is simply saying “Hey man/woman, I’m waiting on you to choose me” He has already chosen us (Christians) to believe in him… Now all you have to do is Walk by faith and not by sight ( 2 Cor. 5:7) The change will come! One main thing you know is… Don’t allow the Devil to trick you into starting in that, marking you think it’s nothing else out there for you.

 If you change your words, you change your life! This has a powerful meaning behind it… Sometimes your words can hinder, stop you, block you and sometimes hold you back in life. What to focus on and learn from is… You don’t have to prove to people that you changed, nor do you have to announce it.They will take notice it and comment on it. Don’t try to force people to believe in your change, believe in it yourself.

GOD will change your life around and people will not even notice you anymore. People will see your light, purpose, and favor that GOD has given you and wonder what your doing… Nothing at all, besides living your changed life that GOD has given you! Don’t allow people to bring you back to the old you, keep moving! #brand new look #new you

True Story: I was always eager beaver that wanted to change somethings in my life, but never knew how or always considered others opinions about my change. One day I started to think to myself… “Why do you allow people to have so much input over your change?” Because I was worried if I did this or that, people would view me differently, or talk about me. I felt like I needed validation from people and not sure of myself. Fast forward to my adulthood.. I have grown to realize that, you have to do what’s best for you. I stepped out on faith and applied for a position that I really didn’t have background in, nor did I have a degree in. I had a little background in it.. let me tell you how I applied and GOD saw fit for me to move in this position and I not worry about it. All because I had faith that I could do the impossible because of GOD on my side. I got the position making more than I had been and better hours. Oh YES, the naysayers were there, YES the doubted me, and YES they wanted to know how… All I kept saying to them is “It’s the GOD in me!” You better believe it! Thank you Jesus for opening doors that no man can close, thank you Jessie for being a way market for my family. #team Jesus all the way #change is good

Change your Can’t into a Can, and see where it CAN take you.

Change you and your lifestyle, everything else will follow! You will look at life a lot differently when you change you first! #message

Remember, GOD+ Patience + Change= GROWTH!

Love you,

Ms. Bw-Tee 💕💕

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