Pursuit of Happyness

Hello Bw-Tee’s,

This blog post is something completely different, but it will be Powerful for all who read it. I promise you will look at your life a lot differently. Pursit of Happyness is a story about you going through life and the challenges you might face. As a little child you grow up with ALL these ideas of what you will do, who you will be, and what you will do to obtain your life goals. So you set out to be this picture perfect person you’ve created years ago.

You’ve entered into Grade school.. while there they ask a specific question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Many people say Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, or even I don’t know yet. So you start doing book reports about what you set out to be, doing research on it, and start training your mind to be that. So far so good right, on the right track.  You’ve mastered Grade school…

Now you’re in Middle school and you have to now own this idea of who you will become, you have to start taking classes to prepare you for the real world, once you graduate. Although, you think your heading in the right direction things began to become rough and your not making the grades you want. You began to get discouraged, you’re failing classes and have to have a tutor. Bummer you think right? No, you will do fine because you know you can do better if you stay focused and just try harder. You’ve come to the end of the semester and now you’re moving on to High School. Hooray, your life is just starting! 

Moving on to High School! High School is the real world for most people, and it’s also where you become an adult. You have to make changes that will benefit you for later. You’re still struggling with some classes and you really need help with a few things and your afraid to ask for help. So you struggle until you make it. You sit at home and think to yourself “What have I done wrong or even where did I go wrong?” You keep struggling without help and you barely pass high school. You’ve accomplished your Diploma!! Great Job!

Although, EVERYTHING changes!!!!!! Now you’re applying for jobs and every single job you’ve applied for said you needed more experience, or you’re not ready for the job. Frustration sets in, Discouragement sets in, and Hatred sets in towards those people and even yourself. These things will make you second guess even graduating high school and what you sought out to achieve. Now what do you do??? I guess I will just live with my parents for the rest of my life, I guess I will just sit around and wait on a hand out from people, or even let me see if I can find someone who will take care of me. This is your thought process, not knowing what to do or think and anything will do at this point. I have No job, no car and no money, I guess I’m a failure in life. You keep applying for jobs and finally someone lucked gave you a job that is willing to hire you with no experience, but their only willing to pay you just enough to get by. Now things have turned around and your outlook on life is looking up. You make your ends meet with what you have, and still thinking I need something better. Living paycheck to paycheck.. “You say I want better for myself, still struggling to make ends meet in order to move out on your own and become grown… and they let you go from the job.” Now what do you do??? Thinking no one will hire you even with the experience you have and depression sets in. No one to call for help, no money, no food, and no gas for your car.. You haven’t given up yet! You’ve taken some college classes but no degree… More student loan debt to pay, on top of the bills. What do you do??? You ask God to make things work for you during this process. It’s harder than you think!

Nevertheless, years pass by and NOW you’re in the Big Leagues making well over what you ever expected to make financially and your doing fine with yourself. Back on track and surviving. When you look at life and you think of all the struggles you’ve been through and all the sacrifices you had to make from one day to the next.. you don’t know how you’ve made it through. (One thing for sure you make more than enough can eat more than just Ramen noodles all day.) God has kept you a mighty long way. But you’re still unhappy on the inside… Being happy is something that starts from within!! 

I saw all of this to say.. No matter what obstacles you’ve went through in life and no matter what you were given… You still carried on! You carried on because you knew that one day this Pursit of Happiness would find you! You knew that all you’ve done for others, all you’ve done for yourself, and every load you’ve had to endure there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Giving up was not an option for you. You’ve tried everything imaginable and sought out to be better than you were years ago. The Pursit of Happyness is what you make of it! No one knows the journey but you and God!! He kept you because he knew what he wanted for you, God kept you because he knew that you’re a strong person, God kept you because he knew what he created you to be! God kept you because he knew that you had a story to tell to others about how your overcome this obstacle of being unhappy. God didn’t let you fall and neither should you! Keep going until you find out what Pursuit of Happyness God created you for! I want to Encourage you by saying you don’t have to be perfect nor do you don’t have to be rich, you just have to do what makes you Happy!! Whatever journey the Lord leads you on, own it! Don’t give up, just point to yourself and say: “I got this!” You are MORE than a conquer through Jesus Christ who strengthens you. (Romans 8:37)

Love y’all 💕💕,

Ms. Bw-Tee

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