Looking For The Lost Shoe

Good Morning Sparkling Bw-Tee’s!

One day you wake up and you think; “What will I wear today?” You sit and think of all the stuff you have in your closet too wear and what it will look like on you. You can’t seem to think of something quickly, so you get up and try on 6 different outfits and nothing still looks nor feels like what you want. You try on 6 more shirts and 3 more pants… Until, FINALLY you find the perfect outfit to wear and it makes you feel complete. Now you’re ready to finish up the rest.

💄Lipstick ✔️ 🖌️Makeup ✔️ 💎Jewelry ✔️

💇 Hair Done ✔️ 👠 Shoes ❌

(Looks in the mirror) Oh, I look really cute! This turned out great, now let me get my shoes on. Wait.. where’s my other shoe??!! I know that I wear it all the time and it’s comfortable too. I last saw it in my closet tucked away on the shelf. I can’t seem to see it there. Looked on the floor, under my bed, in the living room and even in the hallway AND still nothing. Where in the world could the shoe be? Now, I’m going to be late, I hate my outfit with any other shoes, I can’t go out looking not together. All these thoughts cross your mind; “Should I change, Should I just put on any shoes, Should I just not go” I’ve searched all over and can’t find it.. Now what??? (It’s right under your nose and you don’t know it)


As a child growing up, say to ourselves we will do whatever we want and have EVERYTHING possible in life. We set out in our life journey and become successful; the best job, best home, best family, best car and the best marriage ever. Now we’re complete! Right??? Not quite.. You begin to feel empty on the inside. I have everything and I should be happy and enjoying life, but it’s something missing. I can’t seem to find it… I don’t know what else I need to do in order to be whole. There’s a song that says “I’ve searched ALL over and couldn’t find nobody.” (Still came up empty handed) We try so hard to find STUFF to fill our empty spaces, when what we need in our lives is right under our noses! The stuff we’ve obtained gets old and began to look for New spaces to fill. There’s nothing that will fill the void like the LOVE of Jesus.

• Just like WE are TRYING (Accommodating) to get things found with: Clothes, Shoes, Make-up, Jewelry, Men, Friends and Money

•God is saying I’ve ALREADY (Before) found you with: Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Favor, Completeness, Strength and Forgiveness

Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

As the word of God says SEEK me and FIND me. Quit looking for the lost shoe that’s right in front of you to fill all those empty holes in your life and start living your life with both shoes on and running towards God. Oh and don’t worry he’s in the same place we’ve left him while looking for other stuff you thought you needed. Open you eyes at the start of the search, Seek and Look all around while doing it will All your Heart, Soul and Might until you find it. God has already made it clear that He’s ALL you need. He goes with EVERYTHING too…

Worry ❌ Try Jesus ✔️ Stress ❌ Try Jesus ✔️

Lost ❌ Try Jesus ✔️ Fearful ❌ Try Jesus ✔️

Remember, If the lifestyle shoe fits…PUT it on with Grace! God is the MOST important part of your life that you should wear daily and he will make EVERYTHING work properly in your life.

Love You More and Forever,

Ms. Bwtee 💕

⭐⭐Proverbs 31:26 Women: “She opens her mouth with wisdom; and on her tongue is the law of kindness.

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