Teaching Our Children About God

Hello Sparkling Bw-Tee’s,

Many times you’ve heard “Our children are our Future”… Right??? What does that mean too you?

1. They are the Foundation of our families.

2. They are carrying on our legacy.

3. They are builders of the kingdom.

4. They are lights of the world.

5. They are little people who need guidance.

So, if all of these things are true?

  • What are you instilling in them?
  • Are you imparting wisdom in them?
  • Are you teaching them about a solid foundation in Christ?
  • Are you teaching them to believe in themselves?
  • Are you teaching them that they can be whatever they want in this world?

…………Story Time…………….

I am a single mother and it has always been my prayer for me to teach my daughter about God. I want her to know ALL about him, his goodness, his Grace, his Mercy and SO MUCH MORE.. I want her to know it all! So, I was praying for her when she was younger for an understanding of who God is, on her level. One day we went to the library (normal routine on a Tuesday) and they had all these FREE books that they were JUST giving away. I was looking through them; but specifically looking for Christian type books for her and myself. I found a few, BUT, as we began to leave a lady stopped me and was talking to me about her Non-profit organization and we started talking about God. (She understood my passion😊😊😉) She explained too me that she was looking for books, for the less fortunate kids in her organization for their Christmas gifts. Amazing Lady right??? I know, I Know!!!😇

She asked me what type of books I was looking for? I said I’m specifically looking for Christian books for my daughter and myself, she said Okay..wait one second. I nodded, Okay. She reaches in this box she had; and pulls out a book titled: “Kids Daily Devotional called Jesus Wants All Of Me.” She said is this something you were looking for? I immediately and excitedly said Yes! I opened the book and the first day was January 1st, and the part I read was amazing! I just knew this was the book for my daughter. I Thanked her and we left. I told this story to let you know that this book:

#1: Is Amazing for kids to read and learn (easy reading).

#2: Teaches the kids who God really is (Yes, just what I wanted).

#3: Allows you to teach them the scriptures from the bible as well. #Knowledge

#4: Allows them to Talk and Know God for themselves. #PrayandTrust

Teach your children that God loves them… No matter what is happening, has happened or about to happen. All they need to do is Ask for Forgiveness and he will Forgive them. No sin is too great for God to forgive them. You’ve planted the seed inside of them, water it and be willing to:

  • Allow them to make mistakes; their human;
  • Allow them to come to you talk about everything- they feel safe.
  • Allow them to learn about God at their own pace.
  • Teach them how to Pray and Trust God. What you do, they will follow. Lead by example!

Don’t force them; Love them, Guide them and God will do the rest. ♥️

God said in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Remember, It’s your responsibility to tell them who God is! Don’t be afraid to teach and raise YOUR children up in Christ! Start planting the seed, and it will grow. #Faith #Planted #Favor

Love you forever and always,

Ms. BwTee 💕💕

⭐We are (Proverbs 31:26) “When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.

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