Comparison Is…

Have you ever compared yourself to someone else?

Have you ever looked at someone and said that they have it all

Have you ever looked at someone else, and said I want their life?

well I’m here to tell you that the same people that you’re looking at, wanting, wishing, praying, and hoping for the things that they have you don’t understand what they have been through to get to where they are now. Yes there are people that has been broken, yes there are people that are still dealing with affliction yes there are still people dealing with illnesses yes there are still people battling mind issues… But that still does not mean that God cannot change you. Some people deal with their situation, and some people run from their situations.

Have you considered what am I good at? Have you considered what can God change in me? Have you ever considered am I good enough?

comparison is just that you can prepare yourself to someone else when you don’t know their story and you try to figure out their story but you keep putting yourself forward and in front like what can I do to be like them. God never intended for you to be like someone else that’s why he created you differently from everybody else. you too can be that he’ll person you too can be that person that someone else can look to and say how is it that you did it how can I do it you are that somebody.

quit comparing your life story to someone else’s life story and try to make the mesh it’s never going to work we all may have the same story but there’s differences in our stories. Toleration and comparison are the same thing you’ll tolerate what they did in order to compare to where they are to make it fit in your life.

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