Acknowledgment of You ❤️

We Acknowledge to Change our Lives.

I’ve heard so many people, programs, and classes say that the first step in anything is acknowledging and taking accountability for the things that you’ve dealt with. I am say to you that Yes, I have been hurt, fearful and that I worried a lot. I know someone may NEVER be able to admit it because their own self is standing the way, pride, rejection, judgement, etc. You must remember it’s NOT about other pellet… It’s about… YOU! You/I need (ed) help. God said in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “ therefore encourage and build up one another, just as you are already doing.” Well, let’s be honest… those spaces/places are not good to be in and they don’t feel good… but we all know that all things all things work together for our good. So it has to work/ turn around for us. While we’re in those places we are lead by our emotions and we tend to think irrationally and react quickly to certain things, these are called Triggers. We may not know how or why they are soft spots or even what caused them to make us react in that way; but we know something is there. It’s time to learn how to react differently and not our emotions or REACTIONS cause you more damage. This is control and we can’t allow this to weigh us down… Let go of your control and let God do the mending, fixing and healing.

God told us in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all our heart in the Lord with all our heart, and lean not to our own understanding; in all your ways, acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.”

But, when I look at this verse, and put it in context for myself… I say: Issues arise when I’m leaning on my own understanding. We all make bad choices, decisions and irrational thoughts… but if we ASK God to take away our thinking and replace it with His; irrational becomes rational, hurt becomes Love, Fear becomes Trust and Worry becomes Peace. When God steps in (when you allow him too) things become so much better and easier to handle. Quit trying to think about it and Trust God with it! He has ALL the answers we need, the ordered steps we much take, and the Joy to make it through. He promised He would Never leave us nor forsake us. So I challenge you on this day to say “I am Acknowledging that I am A Whole and Healthy person who will lean on God every step of this journey.

Listen it DOES get better and easier… You just have to Do the Work! Pray and ask God to help you Acknowledge where you are and to help you move forward in life. We’re saying No more stuck and stagnant places! I love you all and there’s NOTHING you can do about it be blessed ❤️🙌🏾

Mrs. BwTee 💕

Proverbs 31:26 “ She opens her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.”

Walking With God 👣👣😇👼

Hello Bw-Tee’s! 

I’m praying that this Blog post will Encourage and Motivate you to have your own personal walk with the Lord. 

         My OWN definition of Walking:

W: Waiting on GOD’s direction

A: Always listening for GOD’s voice

L: Learning how to allow GOD to lead me

K: Knowing how to Trust in GOD’s timing

I: Interested in what GOD has for me

N: No is a great redirection from GOD

G: God will take care of me

The Lord says in (Probverbs 3:5-6) “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto the own understanding.” Meaning when you don’t know what else to do; Lean and Depend on GOD! Even when you can’t see it with your natural eyes, look at it through the supernatural eyes that GOD has given you and EXPECT a miracle to happen on your behalf.

  1. That disconnection notice, Trust GOD
  2. No food to eat, Trust GOD!
  3. The kids acting up, Trust GOD!
  4. Things not working in your favor, Trust God!

You say Lord, I have more bills than I  have money, I have no food for my kids to eat, Lord how do I get favor in this situation??? The bible says in (Matthew 6:34) Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  You can’t worry about what you don’t have right now or tomorrow, because the Lord said I will SUPPLY ALL your needs!! Don’t ask GOD how he’s going to do it, just TRUST him by Faith to do it. You have to work your faith, God said in (James 2:20), “But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead.” Your Faith; can move mountains and can cause walls to fall; because of the power that’s working on the inside of you! Even when you can’t see it. Believe it and it will happen JUST for you! #supernatural faith #Trust

                      💚 Surrender Story….💚

I was young and knew of God, but didn’t fully trust what he had for me. I went to church every Sunday like most kids, and went right back to the world on Monday. (Drinking and Partying) I knew that the Lord created me to be different and I myself wanted so bad to fit in with the crowd, but GOD had a different plan. I was still partying and getting up going to church on Sunday like I didn’t do anything the night before; or not even going because I was too hung over the next day… so I stayed home to recuperate. Yes, I was the one to drink and drive; Yes, I was the one who would go home a sleep with her then boyfriend (Fornicating; because I wasn’t married then) Yes, I was the one not paying my tithes and offering. (Not judging anyone, this is MY story) YES, I did all of this and GOD still had a better plan for me. Although I knew a little bit about GOD he still kept me and didn’t let me fall; despite the mistakes I’ve made and the failures I’ve had in life.. he still wanted to use me!! I tried it on my own, but I just kept falling short every single time. I kept saying there has to be another way for me to excel in life. You asked the question…What did I do to change my life around?? One prayer at a time… Asking GOD to deliver me. One step at a time… Changing my life around. One belief at a time… That he was going to bring me out. See what GOD wanted for me to do is to ask him for help, by asking him to help I had to surrender to him. Allowing him to guide me, mold me and shake me until I didn’t feel comfortable in what I was doing anymore, and that’s what I did; allowed him to do all of these things to make me better. I began going from church to church, not knowing which church to attend Sunday after Sunday. Disappointment after disappointment; But, I STILL went..I knew that I wanted the word of GOD in my life and I wanted it bad enough to go searching for it. Although, I thought GOD must be upset with me because of the lifestyle I chose and NOT the one he had planned for me. I went to my friends church.. that wasn’t it; I went back to my parents church; that wasn’t it but, I continued to go just to say I went to church and In my heart that felt right. I Never stopped hearing the word of GOD, I would read my Bible (best way I knew how) and prayed. My close friend said to me one day… “That’s not the church you need to be at” (speaking about my old church), you need to find you a church that you like and you can grow with. I thought to myself she’s right, it started making sense. I started thinking.. I’m just wasting my talents in all the wrong churches and knew that I wanted GOD to be used in the church as well. That’s what I wanted MORE than anything else, to be used by GOD. That next day after speaking with my friend, I received a phone call from someone else saying: “Hey you should come visit my church. “I’m like, okay here’s another opportunity!” God has a way of showing you an exit when you say your ready for one… Needless to say I have found me a NEW church home, I’m happy, growing and GOD is steadily blessing and opening doors for that church, my talents and my ministry. See when you follow GOD’s lead he will direct you where to go and if not he will send people to lead and guide you in the right direction. They are planting the seed and it’s up to you to keep watering it…God said many are called, but few are chosen! I was chosen and he knew the plans he has for me, I TRUST GOD too much not to surrender to his will for my life!!! #blogthat

To truly walk with God, it takes determination, dedication, willingness, sacrifice and obedience to follow his instructions which he has set before us.(The Bible). God doesn’t expect you to be perfect but what he does require from us to keep his commandments, love thy neighbor as the self and sin not. This is not about being perfect, it’s about being open and honest with God. He already knows what you’re in need of, he wants to see are you willing to be transparent about them and allow him to set you free. God is a forgiving God, and any mistake you had made he WILL forgive and NEVER bring it back to you again. This is one thing you need to understand, people will bring your sin or mistakes up time and time again… But my GOD is a forgiving God! Hallelujah, (you should shout from that right there) what type of relationship has this, not one.. My GOD is Awesome.

There will be hard and rough times during this walk; and you may feel like you want to give up. Things not working out like you planned, you have more bills than you have money, and disappointment coming left and right; You don’t know what else to do, you cry out to the Lord for help and it seems like he’s not hearing you nor answering your prayers quick enough. What do you do??? Do you give up or press your way into GOD’s presence until something happens?? God hears you, but the same way you encourage other people to trust GOD, he wants you to do the same thing in your life. Weather that storm and watch a turn around at the end of it; and it will be a blessing to your soul. God has NOT forgotten about you, he is waiting on you to put in the work. Once you’ve put in the work and done all you’ve can, GOD will meet you right where you are and bless you. He is asking for a (Matthew 17:20) type of Faith: “Mustard Seed Faith.” God is NOT asking you to be perfect, he is simply asking you to try! A small amount of Faith can move mountains, conquer defeat, and open up doors. All you have to do is Trust and Believe that he SHALL do it! #intheshallofmyblessing

Although, walking with GOD is not based on your friends spiritual walk, your grandma’s prayer life, or even your dad’s church ministry. This Walk is YOUR own personal walk with the Lord! You have to be connected to GOD to see what he has for you. You can pray for guidance, you can pray for understanding, and you can definitely pray for wisdom and allow GOD to open your eyes to see and ears to hear him clearly. I’m NOT saying that it’s easy, but I am saying it’s worth it!! I have struggled enough in my life to where I know that anything I NEED from GOD or want GOD to do on my behalf; I will praise my way through, I will worship like never before, I will seek is face in order to hear from him. It’s NOT just praising him to get what I need or want… It’s Praising and Thanking him for who he is and what he has already done and still doing on my behalf. I just TRUST him ENOUGH to take care of EVERYTHING I need!

My Closing Prayer:

Remember, God’s Grace and his Mercy is GOOD ENOUGH for you! He continually wakes you up, that’s another chance to praise him! Don’t worry about what other people say about you… Praise GOD for what he LOVES about you! Be Blessed on today.

Love y’all,
Ms. Bwtee 💕💕

(Proverbs 31:26 Women)