Good Morning  Sparkling * BW-TEE’S!!

Today’s topic will be about Communication.

I know ALOT of you think that Communication is just saying whatever you want, will part of that is true. Communication is where you learn to talk and/or speak to people in a pleasant way.
5 things to learn about it
1. Communication is about getting your point across and not sounding mean or harsh
2. Communication is the same in ALL different languages
3. Communication is thinking before you speak
4. Communication is understanding someone else’s point of view
5. Communication is GOOD!

NOW, with all of those points what do you see… Communication is the key to a successful relationship with anyone. You have to learn how to talk to someone and help them understand  you. Being mean and/or nasty will NOT get your point across. It will only confuse the situation and nothing will blget accomplished. What you say out of your mouth… listen What YOU say out of YOUR mouth has MORE affect on a person than you think. Learn to LISTEN and SPEAK only when necessary!

My dad had a favorite quote he taught us growing up and it said: “Look to learn and learn to look”. Think about that for a moment…. To me it meant: You can’t learn if you mouth is ALWAYS running, once you close it you can learn anything you need.

Remember, COMMUNICATION is the key to any successful relationship!

Love ya’ll

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕💕

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

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