Strength of a Woman!



A Woman of strength: is one who is willing to be weak/strong for the one’s she loves. She doesn’t allow her mistakes to define who she is; but, does pick up the broken pieces and move forward. Futhermore, Nothing will get in her way!

My definition  of Strength:
S: Selfless
R: Respects herself
E: Encourages others
N: Never give up
G: God is the head of her life
T: Teaches others
H: Has Self-confidence

When you think of a woman what comes to mind??? Me.. I think a classy, (in her own skin) beautiful (not just appearance), dedicated, courageous, motivated and confident person. She walks with stride, because she knows where she’s been and where she’s going.


Where there is Strength, there is power! You have to know your own strengths and weakness, so that you can fix it or enhance it. Women deal with so much hurt, pain, weakness, and most importantly everyday life (society). We as women have to bond together and build a community that’s full of love, encouragement, dedication and definitely support for each other.
    This is where the Strength part comes in…

Instead of making fun, making them feel less of a woman or talking about another woman’s imperfections; you should encourage them with your words of wisdom. Maybe they don’t know,  where to turn for help, or what to say/do to make their situation right. It takes a team to raise a GOOD woman! (Mom, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, teacher, grandmother, etc) There’s Strength in numbers! Teach and they shall be taught! (think about it)

Life lesson… You NEVER know who strong you can be, until it’s ALL you have left. Stand until it’s no strength left in you. We as women are NOT defeated, BUT, winners we are!

YOU DON’T HAVE to be what everyone elses expects you to be… Just be YOU! Your strength conquers all! There’s nothing that a woman CAN’T do! Put your mind to it and do it!

<strong>5 Things to remind yourself daily
1. I am Amazing
2. I can do anything
3. Positivity is a choice
4. I celebrate my individuality
5. I am prepared to succeed

We are Strong No matter what we have been through, the Strength of a Woman is powerful!!

Remember: Smile and show the world, I’m stronger today than I was yesterday! :)😆

Love ya’ll forever,

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕 💕

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

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