Love 💖💗


Love is… NOT PERFECT! It does come with mistakes and a few flaws. But, what Love doesn’t do is Hurt and takes time to prove it. Love isn’t Love until you give it away.

Love is patient, love is kind, love is happiness and most importantly it should be True! One thing about Love is: “It doesn’t have to be good, it just needs to be real!” When it’s real is speaks volumes. (think about it) When you’re in Love, you want to WHOLE world to know, it’s simple written all over your face and you can’t hide it. I wouldn’t want too either, it’s a wonderful feeling to be loved!

Love is teamwork! When your working together not only are you building memories, but your also growing your love for one another. Teamwork does makes the (Love) dream work! Knowing how to make your love work for you is a key happiness. It’s my Love and I want it NOW!! (Yes, the commercial voice)

Proof of Love: You will..
L: Laugh together (often)
O: Obey each other (Respect)
V: Value each other’s time
E: Everything isn’t easy (takes some work)

                  “My Self Reflection

I remember growing up as a little girl, and use to think to myself: “How can someone Love you so much and you NEVER get tired of them??” There’s no way, so I thought! Nevertheless, as an adult I’ve finally realized how.:idea:Here’s how… Once you find that special someone that can be your BEST friend, who can accept you with ALL your flaws and mistakes, who you can confide your deepest secrets with; who can love you on your worst days, and who can also love you on your ugly/lazy days as well… This is how you know that special someone can love you and NEVER get tired. You know why??? Here’s why… It’s called TRUE love, it makes your heart skip beats and your stomach get butterflies. (LOVE) 💑💏
You can’t force Real love, it comes naturally. I look at my parents, who’s been married for 37 years and think.. NOW, this is Real Love!


We were given: Two hands to hold, Two legs to walk, Two eyes to see, Two ears to listen. But, why one heart?? Because the other was given to that special someone, to find us.. Love


Don’t allow your Love to be the same, change it up and keep finding NEW and different ways to love. Keep’em guessing.

Love is doing things you NEVER imagined yourself doing; to doing things you NEVER imagined could be done. Love is trial and error, if you NEVER love… You’ll NEVER experience the REAL love!💖💞💓❤

You’re my Today, My tomorrow and My FOREVER! :)😍

Remember, NO ONE is perfect (but GOD); so don’t give up on LOVE! Because GOD is love.

Love ya’ll,

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

2 thoughts on “Love 💖💗

  1. You are wise beyond your years. I see the God in you. That speaks volumes about who you are, and where you are in your spiritual walk. I am so proud of you.

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