Motherhood is an organized group with different mommies, all over the world who are viewed as one. When pregnant with your little love child, you instantly get a lifetime membership to a NEW group called MOMMYHOOD! 👫👭🍼🚼 It’s an EXCELLENT group and we stick together!

As a little girl growing up, we all have a dream of becoming a mommy. The dream starts off with your baby dolls, that you carry everywhere with you! You talk to them, play with them, comb their hair, change their clothes and even change diapers. This is the life, right?? Easy enough, well not quite. The dream doesn’t come with a set schedule day to day, you cant pick and choose when you want to be a mom, it doesn’t come with a manual and nor does it come easy! It takes time, dedication, and patience to mode you into the BEST mommy you can be. There are times you feel like giving up, but you look at that little baby face and EVERYTHING is so worth the fight, struggle and frustration that comes with it.

M: Moments like these, I prayed for
O: Orange you glad I’m here ( 🍊😄)
M: Mommy will ALWAYS be your Best Friend
M: Makes life more meaningful
Y: You will ALWAYS be my favorite

A mother is someone who is loving, nuturing, strong, caring, and will give her last to her children. A mother sacrifices everything for her special little person (s). A mother is a child’s first Best Friend, First Love and thirdly their Best Teacher! It takes a village to raise a child, and ALL the help, corrections, and lessons is greatly appreciated!

                        True Life
Before, I became pregnant I would listen to ALL the mommy stories about pregnancy and becoming a mother. Some good and some bad, they would say: “Oh, labor pains are horrible, you will not be able to get much sleep, you will eat alot, it will mess you body up, and definitely pee alot. You sure your ready for this???” In my mind I’m thinking: NO WAY, NO how!!!

I would question myself and say: “If ALL of this happens, why do women continue having children???” Losing sleep was not happening in my book.. I LOVED sleep…😨😨 lol Nevertheless, we decided to have a baby anyway. Well, the pregnancy was GREAT! Gained 20 lbs, hair was growing skin looking good, what more could a woman ask for right?? Now, we’re here to the delivery part! Those contractions started to kick in and I was 6 cm dilated by myself, and the pain began to get worse;  I called the nurse saying: “DRUGS, please!!!” Lol, got the epidural and started to feel GREAT! Time came for me to start pushing and pushed for 4 hours and nothing was happening.

Kept trying, the doctor came in and said to us: “You may have to get a c-section because your pushing and nothing is happening.” My world flipped instantly.. started thinking; What am I doing wrong, What will happen to my baby, Where do we go from here, How will our family see our daughter being born??? All of these questions were ALL unanswered in my mind… Panic set in, and I began to cry… I was hurt that I would NOT be able to give birth naturally, the way I had planned too. 4 hours later, our healthy BIG baby (9lbs 3oz) was born through c-section!! Once I heard her cries and saw her little face, I knew ALL of my worry and fear were worth it. I’m blessed to have experienced this part of life!


People say ALL the time: “A Mother’s work is NEVER done”, I can honestly say they’re correct! Although, we run with them, scream at them, fuss at them, cry with or for them, and get upset/frustrated/aggregated at the things our children do. It will NEVER replace the Joy they bring, Happiness/Smiles on their faces, Laughter they give us, and most importantly LOVE they give us. Children don’t understand fully what parents have to deal with from day to day, all they do know is I have a SUPER-MOMMY and she will take care of me!


In my mother’s arms is where I find safety from this cruel/mean world. You’ll place you hands in mines, and trust me with your life.. My promise is to keep you safe, warm, and love you forever! 

Becoming a mommy happens to be one of the BEST things GOD ever created for woman to do!

Remember, to hug and kiss your little babies everyday and tell them how much you love them!

I was inspired to be a GOOD mommy by: My mom, My Aunts, My Older cousin’s and Good friends! Thanks for teaching/showing me how to do it. 😄😚😍

Love ya’ll,

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

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