My 3 Month Update!


Good Morning Sparkling Bw-TEE’S!!

WOOOW, It has been three months since, I started this blog! I must say that GOD has blessed me, and really opened my eyes and showed me one of my purposes in life. Writing is a gift of mines, and I will continue to embrace it, one day at a time!

This blog has really helped me by letting certain things go, understanding certain things, and to inspiring people with certain things that they may be going through. I share these things with you guys because I have went through them, and want to encourage you that it can/will change with your faith in GOD!!

I’m beyond blessed that you have read it, liked it and shared it with others. #Reach one, Teach one I  have stepped out of my comfort zone, and showed people how they too can walk with GOD and be blessed, if they just believe. (Dreams) GOD is the head of my life, and I will NOT turn back on him. Headed for GREATER and there’s no stopping me!


I would LOVE to hear more from you guys…

What I:
•Need to fix
• Say/Talk about
• Any Constructive criticism on what you think I can do better.
I’m all ears, and will take it ALL into consideration. I want to do it right for you guys, You help me and I will DEFINITELY help you! #don’t be shy #Team work

Remember, LOVE GOD first, and everything will fall into to place! Dreams are meant to be made, you just have to follow through with them.

Love ya’ll,

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

4 thoughts on “My 3 Month Update!

    1. Yes, ma’am and as you let them go… FREE it from your heart. Release that seed!! Don’t talk to them any kind of way besides sweet and pleasant. Be Kind, respectfully and the same as if you were talking to Jesus himself.


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