Discouraged :'(


Have you EVER been told: You will never amount to nothing, you will not be successful, you are nothing but (used a term), or even you are just like you father/mother.. nothing but a (used a term).. Well, I come to tell you that those things are NOT true!! You are BETTER than what people have said about you or to you!! These are forms of Discouragement and GOD says; it ain’t so!! You are MORE than what they say, you are MORE than what they think, and you are definitely a chosen vessel that GOD wants to use!

Things don’t ALWAYS work according to plan, but one thing you gotta know/say “I will NOT give up”! No matter how many times you get knocked down, don’t GIVE UP!!! Each time you fall, get back up strong and stronger each time!!

Definition of Discouraged: to deprive of courage, hope, or confidence; dishearten; dispirit.

Being Discouraged is nothing but the Devil, trying to hold you back from your dreams. He says things like this to us: “You will not be able to save money, you will be a failure all your life, or nobody loves me, and even I can’t do this or that”. These are his tactics that he uses to keep you where you are, and sit and worry about these things. Don’t just sit there, because that’s what you thing is true, get up and do something about it! Rule of thumb.. CAN’T should not be in your vocabulary! You should ALWAYS say “I can and I will!!” Nothing more too it. Turn your can’t into can’s and watch how you improve your life.


Step out on faith and say: “GOD I don’t know where your taking me, but wherever you take me I will follow”. You have to mean it with your heart and allow him to take you through somethings in order to bring you out and up. GOD was us as Christians to put ALL our faith in him. Being discouraged is NOT of GOD, it’s of the Devil! He has a store room full of things that he want us to leave GOD and follow him with. Oooh, and did I mention the devil was once one of GOD’S angels (😨😱hint hint). He knows the right things to say to make you loose sight of GOD’S promises. But, don’t fall, be strong!!


I posted a status on July 3rd that reads: I don’t care how many times I get it wrong in life… I WILL and I repeat I WILL continue until I get it right! #not perfect #willing to learn #not finished I mean every bit of it!!

God stated: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9) If you ALLOW GOD to take the whole wheel (let him lead) you WILL NOT allow others to discourage you, because you will know that GOD’S got you no matter what they say. People are human just like you and need direction and encouragement (even the strongest saint).


Learn how to crawl before you walk; and learn how to walk before you can run! I say this because.. alot of people try to take off running and don’t understand how to put the pieces together. Don’t allow discouragement(Devil) to make you sit in the same spot, gone head start crawling to your victory. You gotta start somewhere.

Remember, Don’t be Discouraged and hopeless, be Encouraged and blessed! The ONLY way to do that is trust GOD!

Love ya’ll,

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

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