Dear Past…

Hey Sparkling Bw-Tee’s!

Hey Past, it’s me again.. I just wanted to say that I loved everything about you; I loved all the memories that you carried me through, I loved all the hurt that you’ve given me; I loved all the pain that we’ve been through; I loved all the sacrifices that we’ve made, and I also loved the things that you allowed me to experience. Although, It took me awhile to realize that I no longer needed you and had to let you go.. Now, I’m here to share with you my breakup letter and it goes something like this…  #wisdomcame 🤣🤣🤗

Dear PAST,

I thought I couldn’t survive without you. I thought that I needed everything that you gave me, I thought I needed everything you showed me; and I thought that I could never break free from the things that you’ve given me… Well, I’m here to tell you that; I WILL No longer accept the things you’ve given me, showed me and those things I considered would be the rest of my life! I am NOW willing to change everything around for my New Life and here’s what’s changing.

                Transparency Moments….

1. I am Not going to allow people to run over me; I have a voice now and will stand up for myself! Bye bye.. But, I Will speak up when necessary. #PowerofNo

2. I am Not going to take the backseat to my feelings anymore; I have them and I Will express them because they matter too me and their real!

3. I am Not going to allow you to hold my past hurt against me; I know what I deserve and I Will take nothing less than that… Oh and guess what else?? I’m a Queen and I Will hold that position forever! #watchout

4. I am Not going to allow you to hold me hostage to my mistakes.. I am human and I Will make more mistakes in life, but that’s why their called mistakes! I mess up to make up… Again and Again! #POW

5. I am Not going to allow you to corner me for my past financial situations, I was young and the things I did are my young mistakes… But I’m older and more wiser. I Will be preparing myself now for my Grown Up furture. 

6. I am Not going to allow those negative thoughts of myself pop in my head, become my life anymore. I know that I serve a God that has said some Wonderful things about me that I like! I Will embrace those things. (Lucky for you that’s what I like😍). Lol

7. I am Not going to allow you to hold me back in my comfortable spots.. I Will move to those uncomfortable spots to allow myself to be used fully by God and to grow in his hands. #thepressingandtheshaking


8. I am Not going to allow you to hold me hostage to my failed marriage, saying I wasn’t good enough. I WILL move on from this, it had lessons that I needed to go through and learn from.. Also I wanted to let you know I am MORE than Enough! And, I’m Deserving of what’s coming my way!

Although past, I’m sensing that you’re not happy about this break-up, but I’m loving every minute of it! One thing I’m thankful for, is that I don’t look like what I’ve been through. I’ve learned how to get my freedom back and how to move on and be happy! I Will continue on that road to happiness for the rest of my life and no more looking back! A BETTER me is on the horizon, so you better watch out.

    My New Life has Potential!

  1. Potential to… Grow me,
  2. Potential to… Challenge me
  3. Potential to… Cause me to be Happy;
  4. Potential to… Cause me to get my Strength back,
  5. Potential to… Cause me to see my Self Worth;
  6. Potential to… Cause me to have a Meaningful and Purposeful life.

I Am Willing to do whatever it takes! One thing I’ve learned and now has become a habit in my life… Is to PRAY! When things are rough.. Pray! When doubt sets in…Pray! When you try to give me suggestions to go back….Pray! God has given me another chance to do it right and do life again, but this time with him. 🙌🙌🙌 I’m trusting in God with all I have and going with what he tells me to do. Unfortunately, Past no more sitting around thinking about what if’s, should of or could of… I’m putting one foot in front of the other and I Will run circles around you. #nostoppingme

God said to me: “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.(Deuteronomy 31:6) I believe everything that he said in his word to be true, because he’s NEVER left my side! If you try to bring up these things I let go of, I Will have a word from God to fight you on it, time and time again… So come on, try me and see just how strong I’ve become! 🤜🤛


    Thank You Jesus for the Freedom of my Past, and that my New Future id more solid and sound in You! I can’t Thank you Enough God! Are you crazy Enough to believe God??? I AM, because The Joy of the Lord is my Strength! 

    Love forever and Always,

    Ms. Bwtee 💕💕

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