You Touched Him??..Me Too!

Hello Sparkling Bw-Tee’s,

So, I’ve been kind of intrigued with the story about the woman with the issue of blood. It touches near and dear to home, and gives me life and hope that God will heal me too. Follow along with the story, and you will be inspired.

Story Time

(Mark 5:1-34) Talks about a woman who was in a large crowd, and she had been bleeding for 12 years. Yes, I said 12 years!! 😲😲 (*Lord, I can’t take the little days you give me, so I know she was dying.) She went to every doctor and spent all the money she had, and instead of her getting better she had gotten worse. (*She searched all over, and couldn’t find nobody🔎🔭) But, when she heard that the Lord was coming… She knew that if she touched the Hem of his garment she will be made whole. (*That will preach by itself 🙌🙌) She went up behind him in the crow and touched him and IMMEDIATELY, she stopped bleeding and she felt freed from her sufferings. God, knew and that someone had touched his garment because he had realized that his power had gone out from him; and he said “Who touched my clothes?” People we’re looking around, and Jesus was looking too… The Woman knew what she had done, came out and of the crowd and fell to his feet (she was afraid and was she was nervous) and told him everything. He said to her, “Daughter, Your FAITH has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your sufferings.”

Let’s apply this to our everyday lives…This woman was bound and couldn’t find anyone to fix her nor free her from this tragic issue. No matter what they tried, it didn’t work! No matter what they gave her, it didn’t work! Everytime she went somewhere outside her home; she had to announce that she was coming “I’m bleeding..Watch out; I’m Unclean…Watch out.” She was considered Unclean to those around her and no one wanted to be touched by her!

Now, imagine with me for a second.. if everytime you went outside; you had to announce your issues that you’ve done or are dealing with??? (*Ex: “I’m a Thief, I’m a Drunk, I’m a Fornication, I’m a Drug user, I have Lust issues, I have Pride issues, I’m a Sinner, or I’m an Adulterous person). How does that make you feel??? I’m sure NOT good at all, makes you want to keep hiding or stay inside your home. Well, that’s how that woman felt as well… Isolated, Embrassed, Ashamed, Less than, Not good enough, and not Loved or Liked!

Stop mistreating people for who they were in their sins, their mistakes and their failures; and start loving people for who they are now. Them NOR God needs you to keep throwing it up in their faces. Because he is working on them, to make them better. So Worry about Yourself and keep them lifted up in prayer as God continually works on them.


Hallelujah she was persistent in her mission to touch him. She had a supernatural Faith! Yes, I touched him too! “Are you bold enough to tell the Lord what you did, so that he can free and heal you too?” (Raises my 🖐️🖐️) I will wait until you come see about me and heal me from my issues. I’m not free from sin, but I know a man name Jesus who can fix me, heal me, correct me and love me with everything going on inside of me. Yes, I too will do whatever it takes to touch the Hem of his garment because I know without a shadow of a doubt I WILL be made whole! No one can Heal me like he does, No one can Free me like he does, No one can make me Whole and Complete like he does! Yes, I Touched him too, and I will keep Touching him until he does something for me!!!

I’m challenging you today: Look at yourself in the mirror and see what’s wrong with you before you start picking someone else apart about their past. Become transparent with God so you too can touch them hem.

🙏Prayer Time🙏

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for not giving up on me and allowing me to just touch the Hem of your garment everytime I need you. Lord, I thank you for still loving me even though I fall short of your Glory, daily. I know that you have created me in your own image and you knew I would mess up; and Lord I have messed up. Please forgive me for my mistakes that I haven’t asked you for forgiveness and Create in me a clean heart O God; and Renew a right spirit within me (Psalms 51:10): so that I can walk in my healing, and show others how to ask you for forgiveness and walk in their healing as well. Daddy, I’m asking that you show me, ME… so that I can get it right with you. I want to do better and I want to be freed in all the areas of my life that have me broken or unclean. Allow me to just wait patiently on you Father, whole you take me through this process. I can’t do it on my own and I trust your process and your quietness during the test. I’m asking you to do this for me in your mighty some Jesus name, Amen. ❤️

Remember: Everyone sins daily, and God still gives you his grace and mercy, when you ask forgiveness. If God did it before, He will do it again… And AGAIN! I’m praying for you, be Blessed!

Love you on Today,

Ms. Bwtee 💕💕

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