Clean Up Our Hearts God

Happy Heart Wednesday.
Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart; O God and renew the right spirit within me.”
Father in heaven, we’re coming before you today to say Thank you for all the things you’ve done and kept us from, the seen and unseen. We worship you because you allowed us to speak truth from our lips and knowing that we don’t have any hidden agendas in our hearts. We ask Father that you will purify our hearts even now and pull out anything that is displeasing to you. Father, we don’t want not allow vicious nor vain worship come from our hearts and out of our mouths to your ears. We know Father, that you can do all things and allow us to speak life with our tongues and not death. We will pray, cover and speak wisdom to others and not destruction. We shall lead everyone to you becasue you said to hide the word in our hearts that we may not sin against you. Keep us near and dear to your heart Father and we thank you for being the clean up Savior and taming our tongues. Thank you, in Jesus name. ❤️
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Love you all Forever and Always 💕

Ms. Bwtee

We are Proverbs 31:26 Women Sparkling With A Purpose ❤️

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