Setting Boundaries 🚧


Good Afternoon Sparkling * BW-TEE’S!

What do you know about boundaries??? Do you know boundaries exist? Do you have boundaries in your life?? Well, if not I will help you… Just read and take notes 😆.

5 steps to take:
1. You have to know what your limits are

2. You have to be prepared to make some changes in your life

3. You have to be consistent with your plan

4. You can NOT break under pressure

5. You have to LOVE you, no matter who or what walks away from you.

You can’t allow EVERYTHING to enter into your life! You have to be selective in what you listen to, people you hang around, and what you watch on television, and who you allow in your home. 

For Example, If you don’t like drama, don’t find a friend/people who only keep up drama… because once you let the drama in, it’s harder to get rid of each and everytime. Letting people know what your boundaries are in the beginning will cut out the miscommunication and respect. People will only do what you ALLOW them too and once you set them, enforce them with others.


Caption: What’s your Boundaries?

My definition of Boundaries: The confidence to politely let the people around you know that they need to respect the rules!

You have to know and be willing to allow these boundaries to make you better. Even GOD has boundaries,(in my opinion) that’s why the 10 commandments and entire bible are in place (laws). These are things GOD will not allow to enter in the kingdom. GOD has set these  boundaries so that people can live right. I wanna make it to Heaven, and sit with JESUS!

Boundaries NOT meant to be broken! They’re there for a reason…Structure! Structure will keep you grounded.


This quote says alot! Everyone person has a breaking point, and it’s not that your being mean or rude… it’s just you have reached your limit! Once your limit has been reached and your losing you sanity… it’s time to EXIT! Don’t allow someone to take you out of your comfort zone (sanity).

Remember, you set the tone (boundaries) on how people approach you, talk to you, and most definitely how they respect you!

Love ya’ll,

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

5 thoughts on “Setting Boundaries 🚧

  1. Well, let confirm you are so ready for the next step in your life. Your advice and confidence in that advice is spot on. I love reading youf thoughts and wisdom. Continue…. to enlighten my wise niece

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