Daddy’s Girl 👫😍😚😎👪


Sometimes you ask yourself… What can I do in life to make Daddy proud?? What can I do to make Daddy happy for me??? You don’t have to do much, just be yourself! Every little girls dream is to make their Daddy PROUD!

My definition
D: Do no wrong in his eyesight
A: Always there to pick me up when I fall
D: Definitely my 1st True LOVE
D: Does anything to make me happy
Y: Young or Old…you will FOREVER be my daddy!
S: Share my secrets with you

G: Give me the BEST advice
I: I’ll 💕 you forever!!!
R: Real men cry, and I seen you cry..
L: Life is full of laughter (Our’s anyway)


I prayed that my daughter will have a bond with her daddy and her Papa, just like me! When I say their bond is amazing… I get excited when she lights up when they come around. She knows that they will protect her at all times. She said one day: “Mommy, if you do that again I will call daddy and tell on you”. 😨 I’m like oh really? Lol #they stick together #mommy’s out numbered

My Self Reflection:
When I was younger, I thought that my dad was too strict and I couldn’t do nothing! When I say anything, I mean nothing!!! I was upset, and couldn’t figure out why “other” people parents allowed their kids to do whatever they wanted… I didn’t’t like my father during those times, I thought he was mean, strict, selfish, and didn’t care that I was growing up, and wanted a life too (Typically teenager). I prayed and asked GOD to allow my father and I to have the BEST father/daughter relationship in the world. I didn’t want to not love my father nor be upset with him, over something so small. As I grew up, I began to find out the reason he raised me the way that he did. As he began to show me and groom me into the woman I am today with this rules and discipline (back then). He said to me one day..I can’t allow you to do whatever you want, because I LOVE you! I began to think on it… it’s clear now. He paved the way for me to be better, and not allow the vision of others destroy me.. (me doing/see what other peoples parents allowed them to do). Every lesson, is a learning lesson!

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. My dad was just training me for perfection! I don’t mind..

When things are tough, or I have been hurt.. at times I want to run or crawl up in my daddys‘ lap and tell him what’s wrong. (I’m a big cry baby 😭😭:'() I know that no matter what he will fix it and make the pain go away. Daddy’s are our #1 fans, and our protectors and our handyman’s! I just LOVE when I call my dad and say hey, I need you to do this that and the other.. he is “Johnny on the spot”! And never complains… I LOVE that! God I thank you for him!


Growing up my dad would make sure that our every need was meet, we had our wants fulfilled too! But, he also made us understand that if you wanted something, you have to go out and work for it. He made us understand the value of a dollar at an early age. My dad was the GREATEST OF all times to me, and no one could replace him (besides GOD). He made sure that before we left for school EVERY single morning, we prayed! Yes, we prayed (almost missed the bus sometimes 🚌) but it felt good and was worth it, knowing that he was covering us with a prayer!

Now, I have started to pray for the little bitty before I drop her off! I LOVE it and makes her understand that while mommy/daddy are away we are covering you with GOD’S protection and his blood. It’s a GREATER feeling knowing that your father has shown you what it takes to live your life and be blessed! I’m blessed that GOD has given me my father, and that I can go to him and tell him some secrets and know that they are safe with him.


I forgot to say, I have a GREAT father-in-law too!! He took me in as if I was one of his children and I LOVED me just the same.. he protected me, and corrected me when I was wrong! #daddy #as I call him too  I LOVE you (AKS) 😚😎

Remember, no man can EVER replace your daddy! 1st TRUE LOVE, is hard to replace… I still LOVE my daddy and EVERYTHING that he does for us!

I Love ya’ll,

Mrs. BW-TEE 💕

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